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April 2019 Update

Over the Easter weekend the following activity has now been completed:

Main drain installed across the entire site with inspection chambers along the length of the drain and a series of lateral drains.  Sand amelioration has been installed across the main pitch and will have 50mm depth of sand laid across the top and dug over to improve the soil condition.  The other 2 pitches have had lateral drains installed and new soil/seed laid.

An extra 150 tonnes of sand arrives this week making a total of 400 tonnes in total.  Power harrowing will then take place over half of the site to remove loose stones and large material from the surface, followed by raking and seeding.

Fingers crossed for some gentle showers over the next few weeks which will improve the surface ready for seeding.

Once the pitches are ‘finished’ there will be maintenance to ensure the seed takes and the pitch surfacing is suitable for September.

Main Drain Installed
400 tonnes of sand will be used
Lateral drainage in place
Drainage on main pitch
Raking and further seeding required
New Soil and Sand Laid


December 2018 Update

The ground has had the root mass removed and levelled. The play area is being started in January and should be complete before April.  Still working towards being ready for the beginning of the 19/20 season.

Please can members of the public refrain from using the area as some of the ground will be unstable and it is not suitable for foot traffic.

September 2018 Update

Grass Removed
Ground levelled

Progress on our new pitches at Norden Playing Fields is moving along on schedule with the following taking place:

The grass and root mass has been removed. Sand and topsoil has been applied and the ground levelled.  Perimeter fencing has been erected and drainage will be installed in the coming weeks.  Finally, grass seed will be sown and at that point we need to leave it to grow without anybody or any animal walking over it.  The growing phase will take about 6 months.


Club officials officially sign the lease from Hyndburn Council

The club is currently working with a number of partners to develop our own home pitches behind Hyndburn Academy, on the playing fields previously known as Primetime.  The £280k development will see the transformation of the 3.2ha site and the introduction of 4 grass pitches suitable for all ages.  The project will particularly address the shortfall of junior, 9v9 and mini soccer pitches which have recently seen increases of 77% in participation.

Having previously housed two pitches since 1989 the area has been unplayable for a number of years due to localised waterlogging.  Over the past 10 years the quality of the pitches has deteriorated so much that matches and training were no longer possible on the ground.  With reference to Hyndburn Borough Councils Playing Pitch Assessment & Strategy for 2011 - 2016 Rishton was one of three areas identified with most significant shortfalls in pitch provision and therefore highlighted as a priority.

Local Fundraising in Tesco

The project has been supported from the outset by the local community and many fundraising events have contributed to the investment.  Funding has also been provided from Sport England, Hyndburn Borough Council, Lancashire Environmental Fund, Tesco Carrier Bag Fund, Newground Together and Lancashire Football Association & Football Foundation.

As identified in the local government community strategy the main needs and associated issues this project will tackle are lack of youth provision, low levels of physical activity, low levels of health and low levels of community engagement.  With 16 teams already playing for Rishton United the club hopes to recruit further players once the development is completed.

Whilst initial works will focus on the drainage issues future plans are to also find funding for changing rooms and fencing the pitches thus protecting the fields further from horses and motorbikes.  Fundraising initiatives are therefore continuing so if you’d like to help and support this project please get in touch.